Landscape Design

With long experience and established professional relationships in the landscaping industry, Quality Lawn and Garden is capable of completing projects of any complexity on time and under budget. Our services are most effective when our team participates in every phase, from the early planning stages to installation and maintenance.


Our specialists create detailed landscape drawings to outline optimal landscaping designs for your garden and lawns. Drawings and drafts are the foundation on which the whole process is built.

Plant Selection

Selecting the right plant for each site is essential when creating a new landscape. For plant installations, our specialists consider the following: the environmental conditions of the site, the soil types, and any pests we may encounter on the site. We source our plants from local suppliers and growers in Missouri, ensuring that they can adapt well to every season and location.

Landscape Design Installation

A carefully planned landscape installation will add long-term value to any property. At Quality Lawn and Garden, we acknowledge the importance of materials, plants, soils, and site conditions. Our specialists select the plants and materials best suited for a particular landscaping project and help our customers plan appropriate budgets.

Landscape Design Maintenance

Every landscape changes over time. That is why planning for these changes with maintenance in mind is critical. Our specialists can maintain and even produce designs for landscape renovations, improvements, and enhancements.

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