Landscape Maintenance

With years of experience, Quality Lawn and Garden specialists provide a wide range of basic maintenance programs. Our services include lawn maintenance, spring and fall cleanups, weed and insect control, tree and shrub care, fertilization programs, organic programs (including natural fertilization and weed control), and customized maintenance programs.

Ask about our customized plans, each tailored to your specific needs.

Lawn Mowing and Trimming Services

Once the landscape installation is complete, it is vital to maintain your lawn and garden with routine mowing and trimming. Our trained landscape specialists provide these services to help your plants achieve optimal health and growth while improving your property’s curb appeal.

Mulch Services

We continually produce wood mulch with clean residuals, free from harsh contaminants. Our landscape mulches are excellent weed barriers and great for retaining moisture.

Weeds Pulling Services

Pulling weeds can be a backbreaking task. Why not leave this hard work to trained professionals? Our knowledgeable teams can implement weed control methods that curtail the growth of unwanted weeds and prevent them from sprouting up in the future.


Fertilizer application is vital for healthy and vibrant plant growth. Quality Lawn and Garden provides professional lawn fertilizing services throughout Saint Louis County and nearby areas. The quality fertilizers we provide are selected especially for your lawn, feeding it over the entire season, enriching the soil, and providing vital nutrients to the plant life.

Pest Control

It takes skill and persistence to keep a landscape pest-free. At Quality Lawn and Garden, we have these qualities in abundance! Our specialists are ready to help you protect your lawn and residence from insects and pesky critters. Licensed by the State of Missouri, we provide pest control services under category 3: turf and ornamental pest control.

Plant Installs

At Quality Lawn and Garden, we have a team of specialists in maintaining installed plants for your lawn and landscaping. We have the skills and knowledge required to implement plant support immediately after planting.

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